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Charlie Phillips is from Richmond Virginia and as a teenager he loved electronic music. He had a vast collection of electronic music albums. He attended Flagler College 1973-1975 in St. Augustine, Florida. Charlie saw his first synthesizer instrument in a music class. So began his quest for sounds and controlling them. He transferred in 1975 to Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia and studied electronic music and computers in electronic music until 1983 earning a Bachelor of Music. He was protégé to Dr. Dika Newlin, world renowned musicologist and music composition teacher. He studied electronic music with Dr. Loren Carrier and attended master classes with Morton Subotnick, Dr. Robert Moog and many other famous electronic musicians. During his Richmond stay from 1975 through 1987, he built and owned Adams Corner's recording studio (specializing in voice over for film and television sound tracks) Charlie toured and lectured while representing three major electronic music companies (Passport Design, Aries, Electro Comp).He taught studio recording and electronic music at J. Sergeant Reynolds’s Community College.



Charlie built and ran an international computer Bulletin Board System (BBS) supporting the electronic music companies and started a computer consulting company. Phillips Consulting specialized in hardware and software trouble shooting. In 1987 Charlie moved his business to Jacksonville, Florida. He then became interested in getting back to teaching. He shut down his consulting company in 1990 and started full time teaching. He attended Jacksonville University and earned a Master of Arts in Teaching Computer Information Systems (MATCIS) in 1993. Charlie taught for St. John’s county elementary schools from 1990 to 1997 and Dual county high schools from 1997 until 2000 . He obtained a fulltime position as professor of computer information and sciences at Florida Community College at Jacksonville in Fall of 2000. Spring 2008 Charlie moved to the Digital Media Arts department and is teaching Dymanic Web Presents, Audio Recording and Electronic Music. During the summers, he is an instructor for the Computer Summer Camps including game programming and robotics for talented and gifted high school students. Charlie Phillips is a Sixth Degree black belt who volunteers his time as advisor for the American Tang Soo Do Karate Club at FCCJ at South Campus.